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Keep the music playing

We will record your old vinyl or cassettes onto CD or digital file format.

We have to be honest and tell you that for most LPs and cassettes you are better to search around for a CD copy of the music as it is most likely cheaper than coming to us. We certainly will not lie about that. Likewise, if you want to digitise your own small CD collection, we are not going to be cheaper than doing it yourself. For a larger collection we can save you the time and effort.

However, if your recording cannot be bought on commercial CD please do come to us and we will transfer to CD or another digital format. We use Rega turntables to play the vinyl, Musical Fidelity phone stages, heavy duty Pioneer cassette deck for the tapes. Once we have a digital capture, we scan it for errors (clicks, scratches) and correct where we can without audio loss.

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