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Drone Photography

Shot From Above..

We are pleased to be part of the emerging group of drone photographers. Whilst piloting a drone is fun, we see it as a flying camera, another tool to let us create images. The examples on this page show some of the variety of uses we can deliver. Our packages are currently under development. At this point we are not seeking or accepting commissions but will be from mid-summer onwards.

Drone photography is different to normal photography as it has a considerable number of restrictions. The air is controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority who have set down a quite complex rule set which needs to be followed. All drone pilots must observe the rules or be open to prosecution. The end result is a mesh of camera, drone weight, drone age (pre or post 31/12/2020) and pilot competency.

All pilots must register with the CAA and pass an online test to fly anything more than a small toy or a drone below 250g with no camera. The reality is the test if all theory and not very difficult.

Owners of drones with cameras must register them, or any drone over 250g without a camera. They have an operator’s licence. Any drone they fly must carry the operator’s licence number on it. If you see a drone with a camera, it must be carrying an operators licence.

We are registered operators and our drones are marked with our operator number.

Any drone pilot charging for a service, i.e., commercial, must carry insurance. If you use an uninsured drone service you are carrying a risk to yourself.

We carry appropriate insurance.

Where we can fly

Because of our location we are very aware of restrictions with one of the biggest airports and most famous sporting stadiums in the world on our doorstep. Sporting stadiums are generally no fly areas because of crowds and security. Anyone flying in the open category will not be able to go near them. Similarly, whilst the national maximum hight for a Drone is 400 feet many areas close by are reduced as planes come in lower.

We can fly over your home and stay within hight restrictions. We can take a Mavic Mini to check your roof on a terraced house, but not a Mavic 2 Pro as it carries greater distance requirements from other people’s properties. The Mini is fine for checking for problems and taking short films

We could fly the Mavic Pro over a detached house with 30 metre space around it or use it for most weddings at a Church as the space is greater. We would use this drone because of it’s superior camera giving notably better photographs.

We can use either in open spaces.

We have a lot of Royal Parks in the area but please do not think about doing a drone shoot in them! Only Richmond Park has a drone flying field and that has retractions about commercial photography.



This cropped image was done by request to give a birds-eye view of an owners allotment.


Floating Mosque

The new Masjid India Kuching aka “The Floating Mosque” is a new iconic landmark in Sarawak whose architecture and location lend very well to Drone photography. The storm that can be seen coming in meant this was a very short shoot. Taken at 89 feet.


Marble Hill House

Marble Hill House would be a rather grand home and quite public. We offer photographs of your home, with you outside as a family portrait with a difference, or video up to 4K.


Church bell

These allotments were shot from a hight of 112 ft, giving a wide view of the plots. The image shows you do not need to go too high to get a good view and angle.

Church Bell


Church bell

This is the bell of All Soul's Church in St Margarets. It is part of a short set of stills and video taken in October 2018 before the 100th year celebration of the end of World War One. The shoot was done to examine the casing of the bell and tower to ensure it was in a fit condition to ring for the Armistice Celebrations. The shoot was an economic and safer solution than putting scaffolding up to send up a person to the roof.


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