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Drone Photography

Shot From Above..

We are pleased to be part of the emerging group of drone photographers. Whilst piloting a drone is fun, we see it as a flying camera, another tool to let us create images. The examples on this page show some of the variety of uses we can deliver.

Drone photography is different to normal photography as it has a considerable number of restrictions. Whilst anyone can charge for taking photographs with a camera, it is not the same with a drome, even if they have registered the craft.

All drone pilots must observe the Drone code and there are many areas of limited ability to fly, or even complete bans due to safety or security.

For example, it can mean limitations on how high you fly. The Drone Code states you can fly to maximum of 120 metres (approximately 400ft) above ground level but this lowers or completely disappears in part of our area due to flight paths. There are also restrictions on how close to buildings and people you can be. With the proximity of Heathrow Airport we are in an area where these rules really have to be respected. We also have to maintain our equipment’s software to have the most up to date restriction maps.

To be able to fly a drone you must have passed the Drone code test and to be responsible for one have a registered pilot number. We have done this and our equipment is marked with our details in compliance with the law. Legally that is not enough to charge for any service, it just allows leisure flying.

The Civil Aviation Authority states "The drone operator should have the permission of the CAA to carry out Commercial Operations; this is commonly known as a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO)". This is going to change to a new ceritificate in Novmeber this year. We are currnetly engaged in obtaining our PfCO and will launch services as soon as we have it.

Please contact us for a discussion about the photographs you seek from above, we will provide a quote where we can legally do so.



This cropped image was done by request to give a birds-eye view of an owners allotment.


Floating Mosque

The new Masjid India Kuching aka “The Floating Mosque” is a new iconic landmark in Sarawak whose architecture and location lend very well to Drone photography. The storm that can be seen coming in meant this was a very short shoot. Taken at 89 feet.


Marble Hill House

Marble Hill House would be a rather grand home and quite public. We offer photographs of your home, with you outside as a family portrait with a difference, or video up to 4K.


Church bell

These allotments were shot from a hight of 112 ft, giving a wide view of the plots. The image shows you do not need to go too high to get a good view and angle.

Church Bell


Church bell

This is the bell of All Soul's Church in St Margarets. It is part of a short set of stills and video taken in October 2018 before the 100th year celebration of the end of World War One. The shoot was done to examine the casing of the bell and tower to ensure it was in a fit condition to ring for the Armistice Celebrations. The shoot was an economic and safer solution than putting scaffolding up to send up a person to the roof.


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