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Show Who You Are


Portraits are all about you. Our aim is to let you be yourself and show who you are. We strive to create shots that show character and give the feeling of “Yes, that’s caught me. “ Our sessions are done in your own place or at a location of your choice, to make it comfortable and remove any influence unfamiliar surroundings may have on you so that your true essence comes out.

There’s no point taking a photo that will remain in a drawer never looked at again. We want create something that you will be proud to show.

What we do

Portraits at home

After discussion with clients this service is not restarting until September 2021 as we have found many people nervous about having strangers in their homes. We fully understand this and are putting a short term hold on these shoots. Our shoots on location, in corporate and other venues are as per normal, with adherence to prevailing local and Government restrictions.

Once we restart we will come and set up lighting to do a shoot in your home. It also makes it easier to schedule for yourself and removes the hassle of travelling.

Our sessions normally last two hours but we are not clock watching. We will take photographs of family members individually and as groups, different outfits and backgrounds, it all depend on you. There’s no limit on the photographs we take. We want you to be relaxed and enjoy the session.

. We will do some touching to images as we process them post shoot. We want you to look your best. Do not worry if you'e got a small spot on the day, we will get rid of it on the photo.

The shoot will give us plenty of images to work with, for digital only, print or wall art such as canvas or boxed finishes.

On location

We live in a beautiful country, even if the weather is not always going to play ball with us. We all have favourite local places.

We will bring appropriate lighting equipment for the location and as before shoot for around two hours, weather and site permitting.

As with “at home” the shoot will give us plenty of images to work with, for digital only, prints or wall art such as canvas, boxed, acrylic or aluminium finishes.


“Headshots” are quite commonplace now as businesses show their faces on the media – in print or on websites for example. Showing the human face behind a business adds value and creates a connection for the customer. People want to know who is providing them with good or services, students want to see tutors before joining up to a college – it’s all about presenting a human face.

Our process is simple here. We will visit your location, brining with us our lighting, varying accessories to create different effects and plain white backgrounds. We can supply green screen background as well if you are looking to be creative with the images later.

We will need s suitable location in your premises if we are doing multiple shots. We can also do “at desk” style portraits as required. Just because it is called “headshots” we do not limit ourselves to shooting just upper torso and head. Our time with you is to fulfil your requirements.

On completion of the shoot we will process supply digital images on disc, drive or download. We assume any inhouse graphics team that produce your media will not need us to produce “headshot in a circle” but we are happy to do so if you wish.

We can produce wall art or prints if requested

  • Headshot traditional framing
  • Strong
  • Engagement
  • Dancing like no one is looking
  • Casual
  • Candid
  • Framed
  • On location
  • Canvas

Traditional dress and music at a wedding.

You can download our package and price list here

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