We offer a range of modern crisp Acrylic mounted photographs, which look very modern in your home. These are premium products as we are aware there are many sub standard Acrylic offerings on the market. Other sizes are available, please request if what you require is not shown, it may be available.

Quartz Acrylic (Images below)

The Quartz is a single print encapsulated with total optical clarity between two clear sheets of acrylic (2mm front and 12mm back), giving an overall thickness of 14mm. Rear mounting creates an almost flush effect on your wall.


Quantum Acrylic (Images below)

The Quantum Acrylic offers a dynamic new look to the ‘Ice’ Range by introducing a beveled edge through a 10mm piece of crystal clear acrylic which is the face of your product. Your image is then sandwiched between another 3mm back plate and four brushed aluminium studs finish off this very sleek product


Bevelled Ice Sandwich (images below)

This upmarket and minimalistic product is achieved by printing your image onto high quality photographic paper. It is then centrally sandwiched creating a stunning border between two pieces of crystal clear acrylic, the front piece being beveled. Each product is then finished off with four brushed chrome spacers and hanging blocks.

(All sizes listed include a 2" border from the print to the edge of the Acrylic).


Cubicx Acrylic

Surely destined for the office desk or taking pride of place on the mantlepiece the Cubix is a wonderfully straight forward product.

The Cubix is created by rear mounting your photographic image onto a 5" deep crystal clear acrylic block offering a three dimensional look. It is supplied with a choice of blue or black luxury presentation box





**New** Illusion Wall Dispaly

Our Illusion Wall Display product is a visual delight. Offering a contemporary and dynamic look, your image is suspended within the crystal clear acrylic leaving the viewer questioning the technique behind it. The three carefully chosen textures that make up the product lead the eye to the bit that matters being your image. The satin coated contemporary frames finish off this stunning product to perfection.

Your true photographic print has an anti scratch seal applied to its surface before being flush mounted to a 6mm coloured and bevelled edged block. This block is then centralised and adhered to the acrylic. A matching back board is also mounted to the rear to give the appearance of the block going through the acrylic. The product is then framed using frames in either black or white