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Our Approach

Restoration is not a precise science and we will not undertake anything we think we cannot do to a level that satisfies both you and us.

As a result, every restoration we do is bespoke, depending on the time we estimate the restoration will take and how you want the resulting image returned to you. The processs is very intensive, including use of varying scans, software, repair techniques and finally sizing and output.

Should you have a photograph you want restoring please send a photograph of it, a smartphone image is enough so long as it is sharp, via this mailink steve@stephenlloydphotography.co.uk and we will evaluate what can be done and send you back a quotation.

You do not need to send us the photograph itself at this point.

If we believe we cannot do anything worthwhile we will tell you so immediately. If we can and you decide you wish us to proceed at that point only will we need your photograph sending to us.

We do not wish you to scan th ephotograph yourself. Our process is based around the configuration of our own equipment and software doing the actually scanning.

What We do...

We will undertake to restore your old photographs and also older slides. We realise that if you are choosing to restore an old photograph it is likely to have great personal value to you and will treat it with the respect we would expect for our own memories.

The steps we go through are:

Initial evaluation

We will take a good look at your photograph, decide what we need to do, how long it will take and what options you may have to display it when completed. If agreed we would request a 25% deposit and for the photo to be sent to us.

We will work on images up to 12”x8” (30cm x 20cm) and negatives/positives up to 6cm x 9cm and panoramic 6cm x 17cm.

High Res scanning

We will scan the photo using a high-resolution flatbed scanner to create a master digital file to work from. If you have a high-resolution scanner of your own you could send the file to us in TIF format at maximum scan depth rather than your original photograph.


We will repair the image using a variety of techniques including software driven removal of defects, hand retouching, cloning where necessary, blending, by hand recreation of missing elements amongst others. The example in the photograph here had feet and eyes missing from the original we had to clone and partly recreate to complete the picture.

Tone and Colour

For black and white prints some toning to remove yellowing or other aging of the paper may be needed, or you may wish to create a “feel” with specific toning. For colour prints restoration of colours is done, again slightly different feels can be generated.

Proofing and recommendations

We will send you a low-resolution proof of our finished restoration, with alternatives to tone and colour if they are suitable. If you require anything changing, we can do that or if you wish to not continue only the deposit is taken a payment. At that point your original photograph would be returned to you. If you want to continue, we would request the final balance then would complete the restoration as agreed.


We can supply the restored image to you on a variety of ways. These include:

• Digital file by download
• Digital file on disc or USB stick
• Print plus digital file
• Framed print plus digital file
• Printed on canvas / boxed canvas plus digital file
• Printed on Acrylic plus digital file .

Ask us a question

Please use the form below to send any questions to may need answering to us. We will respond quickly!


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