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Digitising video

Transfering film and video tapes to disc and digital

Moving images have been special for a long time. They bring back memories in a way that still photographs cannot. Unlike stills, which can still be seen in prints, the format for moving pictures has changed on a regular basis. From film, to tapes in various shapes and sizes, to disc, to better discs and now to streaming.

Worse, the ability to play some of the older formats has gone. VHS, mini DV players, Betamax, VCD, VHS-C, S-VHS and more have departed. If you have something on one of those historic formats, we may be able to help. We can digitise them onto a modern disc or streaming format, or both.

We treat three formats as being modern. Blu-ray for HD formats, DVD for what is now called “standard definition” and digital files for streaming onto your smart TV or computer from a network or computer hard drive.

We will digitise the following formats:

• VHS tape
• VHS-C tape
• S-VHS tape
• S-VHC-C tape
• Super 8 reel film (no audio)
• Regular 8 reel film (no audio)
• Mini-DV

We return the film to you on DVD, Blu-Ray, USB stick or digital download. The choice is yours.

All video formats are PAL based; we do not do NTSC or SECAM.

Discs are returned as region 2 for DVD or B for Blu-Ray. If you require something different do tell us as we will always try to accomodate your requests.

Old tape problems

Older tapes frequently have tracking issues, which manifest as distortion at the top, bottom or both of the picture. We can edit this out so that you have a more pristine picture with some minor cropping. If you do not want us to do this, please let us know.

We will do basic colour restoration if the film is faded. We can also do colour correction if the original has issues, but this is not an absolute science. We can attempt it on a sample clip and check with you if the result is what you wish before progressing.


We add a 10 second title sequence to each video. Please let us know when ordering what you wish your titles to be.


We are looking into the following formats to add to our services. If you have any of them or any other format feel free to ask us about them, we may be able to help:

• Video8 tapes
• Hi8 tapes
• Betamax tapes


You can download our price list for video transfer service here..

If you have any questions you can contact us here.


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